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Your Pets Home: Phoenix, AZ

Pet type: Dog

Maggi was so atypical in how she came into my life, how she treated me during our time together and how she eventually left my life.   She was my companion and my adventure partner.  I loved her deeply and felt a special connection with her that I can only hope others can enjoy at least one time in their lives.  I am so sorry there were things about you that I could never figure out, things that made you behave in ways that even we could not begin to rationalize.  I pray you are in a place where happiness and peace are an everyday occurrence free from the anxiety and the stresses that occasionally made life challenging for you.  I will be forever grateful for your impact on my life, your help during a trying time for me personally and for the incredible amount of joy and happiness you afforded me.  To say you will be missed is a ridiculous, heartbreaking understatement and I will never forget what you meant to me and the memories we created from the very first moment you graced my life with your presence.  

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