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Lily Sisson

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Lily Sisson

Your Pets Home: Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids, MI

Pet type: Cat

Lily was adopted at only 11 weeks old.  Found at the local Petco with a group of siblings, Lily was the sweetest and most attentive of the bunch looking up at us with those bright green eyes.  She perked right up when she saw us. At that moment, her family had been chosen.  Her nose was sore from rubbing it up against the cage.  Originally named Spawn, which was quickly corrected.   

Once she first arrived at home, she was very shy… spending her first few days in the bathroom, hiding behind the toilet. As days continued, she continued to become more and more at home. Beginning to greet you every time you arrived home, wanting to be in everyone room with you; including the bathroom.

Lily always felt safe to be under things.  She enjoyed warming up by the fireplace, sunbathing, hitting the nip, bird watching and while she never wanted to go outside she loved to look out the window.  Lily found a million great places to snuggle up and nap always looking as comfortable and care free as possible.  Salmon and Tuna were her favorite dishes in the world and she would run from anywhere in the house when she heard the specific sound of her plate hit the counter. 

In 2011 Lily was taken in for a routine check-up, and an issue with her picking at her ears. A physical exam was done, and Lily was declared one healthy cat. The vet office suggested we do some extensive blood work; since large labs had never been run on her… it was explained that having good labs now would be helpful in the future; IF Lily were to ever get sick. So, we agreed. A few days, we received a call explaining that Lily was in Stage 3 Kidney Disease; and without a life change she would be in Stage 4 (renal failure) in the matter of months). We were all completed shocked; and devastated. Not to mention, complete denial.

After coming to terms with Lily’s condition, we began the life change; of which affected everyone in the family. We began performing Subcutaneous fluids at home, once a week. Of which increased to twice a week, then three times a week, every other day, to daily, and finally twice a day. After all was said in done, she was on blood pressure medicine, Calcitriol (for Vitamin D), Cerenia injections (for nausea), Pepcid, Mirtazapine (for appetite), Vitamin B injections, Kidney Support Gold supplement, and a VERY strict diet. Among all these items to mandate and improve her chronic condition as much as possible, Lily was able to survive, and live a fulfilled life, for 6 years after her diagnosis. At some points, even improving her kidney functions for periods of time.

After tests were run, it was determined that Lily’s kidneys never fully developed (both kidneys). Possibly caused by genetics but one will never know for sure.

What we do know…Lily was loved and well taken care of. We, her parents researched every medication and procedure in great length and even considered alternative methods. She went through a lot of medicine, medical procedures, and trips to the vet; but she remained happy and welcoming to all. Lily always stayed strong in fighting her Kidney Disease, even right up to the very end. Lily overachieved every timeline any Vet ever gave her.

Lily had a personality all her own and she touched so many people’s lives… even showed me what true, unconditional love, really looks like. To say Lily was a HUGE part of our lives is an understatement! Love you Lily! You will always be remembered and greatly missed!

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