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Your Pets Home: Manteno, Illinois

Pet type: Dog

My beautiful golden retriever Daphne left to wait for me at rainbow bridge on February 8th. Our whole family will miss her irrepressible spirit. She would front paw hop in a circle to be let outside into the back yard several times a day, and instead of jumping down from the back deck, Daphne would jump into the air gaining altitude and land in the green grass at a full run to chase and tease the bunnies and squirrels out there, quickly pointing and protecting a nest of newborn bunnies from hawks one time. Pulling collars out of a drawer meant going for a walk in the neighborhood or to Kankakee State Park where the energy expended would often result in an hours long nap after returning home. We will always miss you Daphne. Please keep Queen, Wolfy and Tom Cat company while you wait for us. When you see us next we will play and frolic, and cross rainbow bridge together.  “Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream. Dream, Dream, Dream….Dream.”

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