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Cupcake Beas

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Cupcake Beas

Your Pets Home: Gainesville Florida

Pet type: Cat

Cupcake, First of all, thank you for the many years of happiness you brought me. I remember when I met you, we had a instant connection. You started following me around and you didn’t stop until the end.In the mornings, you couldn’t wait for me to wake up and say hi. Sometimes, you couldn’t wait at all, so you decided to take matters into your own hands and cried outside our door for me to wake up and be with you. You memorized my every move and my routine and would run to the next room in the apartment anticipating my next action to be with me while I was going about my day. You would jump into the counter and wanted me to hug you good morning. I remember one day when I was in a hurry, so I didn’t hug you good morning and you decided to once again take matter into your own hands and jumped in my shoulder so I would catch you and you would get your hug. Needless to say that day you got the hug you wanted. When I would come back home from work, you knew that I had arrived since I enter the building. Somehow you knew when it was me and not the neighbors, although you got it wrong a couple of times. Then you would be waiting for me in the door ready to say hi. Then went back to following me around while I was eating, exercising, you would even wait for me patiently outside the shower waiting for me to finish showering and had another of our moments where I sang you a song while petting you. The night wouldn’t be over until I brushed you, you tried fighting and catching my shadow and then running into our room and trying to sneak in our bedroom so you would sleep with us. But your tummy would betray you and I would offer you treats in exchange for a paw shake and get you out of the room. It’s hard being around the apartment and going on with my day without you following me around. It breaks my heart getting home and not seeing you waiting for me.Thank you for all the times I was sad and you cuddle me to cheer me up. Thank you for making me the most important person in your life. Thank for choosing me to be your human. Thank you for keeping me company when Andrea wasn’t around. It was hard to even feel alone when you were following me around everywhere.You were a good influence to Sandie, and taught her not to be so afraid and trust in me.Thank you for all the happiness you brought into my life.I’m sorry your last week was so painful.I wish I could have spared you of that pain.I love you and you would always have a very special place in my heart.With all my love,Sofia

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