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Your Pets Home: Oakland, Ca.

Pet type: Dog

Cinnamin came onto my life at the tender age of 9 weeks old,   I knew nothing about dogs especially the pit bull breed, in fact, I was a bit skeptical of pit bulls due to ignorance and the negative stigma placed on the breed. Nevertheless, I wanted to support my husband’s choice and went along with the flow. Within days, I was head over heels in love! We were inseparable. Because of her loyalty to me and never ending unconditional love, I was no longer in need of antidepressants to get me through the day. Time flew by so quickly! The overwhelming love, loyalty and emotional support she gave kept me distracted from the reality that dogs don’t live forever. She had been by my side for 10 yrs when sadly, In June of 2019 she was diagnosed with heart disease. As resilient as she was, she hung in there for me as long as she could! Then, on April 11, 2020, her heart failed and she passed away. I’ve never felt pain, guilt, or grief as deep as this!  Its been 19 days since that dreadful day,and the tears continue to flow…Some would tell me, ” Its just a dog, stop being dramatic!” It… is a she, and she was more than just a Dog to me!… She was my only source of “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”… something obviously my human counterparts know nothing about! I will cherish her memory for ever!!! R.I.P. my beloved Cinnamin…I miss you so much! Until we meet again at the Rainbow bridge… Your memory will live on in my heart! Love Always, Broken hearted Mommy!

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