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Your Pets Home: None

Pet type: Cat

Chester was a cat that I rescued from a shelter. He was 5 months old when he came to my life. The cat had such a grateful attitude that have me fall in love for him. I never neutered him, and let him go for life as natural as it can be. He had some stomach problems and I was always looking for new food for him, until I got the right one that he liked and was gentle with his body. I loved him so much. I never knew what happened to him, one day he left and never came back. I went looking for him for several nights but I like to think that he found another home or having a peaceful death. Love is the key of life and cats show you a special kind. If you never had a cat in your life go ahead and give him the opportunity to be his slave. They are awesome creatures. Love and peace for all of you reading this memorial.  I love you Chester

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