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Bruno Sareen

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Bruno Sareen

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Bruno will always remain as our first baby. We got him when he was 6 weeks old. It was one afternoon when Shelly took me to this store called Pet-Pourri in Everett, WA and we were just scouting around looking at pets available for adoption and purchase. Little did we know we would get Bruno to come with us to our first home that day. He brought us the unconditional love, the energy, the never ending enthusiasm and the willingness to play with us always. Anshika was born when Bruno was 2 years old and he was the best dog ever with Kids. For the longest time he has been friends with Anshika and for the last 4 years with  Harkrish. He was also a traveler who took road trips with my friends and also stayed with friends and family without ever showing that he didn’t know them or felt away from home. He was god sent angel who touched the hearts of everyone he met. He went to the Cricket Games with me and was always having fun with the fellow players and their children at the ground. We lost Bruno physically but in our minds he will always live. It feels unfair that Dogs have such a short life span but they give it all in the short life they live. Very hard to part with them but then again we know he is spreading his love wherever he is in heaven.

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