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Mark Sturtevant 4/12/2012

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Mark Sturtevant 4/12/2012

Place of birth: San Diego, California

Mark was a wonderful husband and father. He was married 25 years to his wife Lisa. They had two children together. He went into the Army at the age of 18 and served for 9 years. He was a M1 tanker at Fort Hood Texas for his first enlistment and then he was a MP at Fort Davis Panama for his second enlistment. He then left the military with a honorable discharge. He then worked at Larsen's Florist and Greenhouse for 6 years. Then he went after his life long dream of becoming a police officer at the age of 32. He then worked for the Waukegan Police Department for 11 years. The first 5 years he worked patrol on the midnight shift and was a member of the swat team. Then he went to the Neighborhood Enforcement Team and worked in the drug unit under cover for 5 years. So changes were made in the unit that he didn't agree with so he left and went back to midnight shift for a year. And on 4/12/12 he died by suicide. That was the worst day of my life!!!!!! I started dating my husband 12/5/83 when I was 14 years old and he was 15. I met him just 6 months after his brother had died by suicide. His brother was 18 years old. And in my junior year in high school Mark asked me to marry him. Then once I graduated we were married on 4/18/87. It was the happiest day of our lives. Then 3 years later my husbands other brother died by suicide. He was 32 years old and the father of 3 children. Then 7 months later our daughter was born. At this point we were living in Panama while he was in the Army. Then 10 years later our son was born. At this point my husband decided to become a police officer. From the day I met him all he ever talked about was becoming cop. I worried about him as he chose to work in a city with " a lot of action" as he always said that's what he loved about the job. He had a lot of pride in what he did for a living and our life together but the stress of it all and life got to hard and he died. I pray that he has found his peace and I will love him always!!!

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