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Luther Whitehurst

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Luther Whitehurst

Place of birth: Clay, Texas

Religious affiliation: Christian

My father was a country boy from Clay Texas who loved working out in the fields of cotton, corn, and watermelons. He also loved his dogs, cats, and chickens. He had siblings who were older and one younger sister, all who proceeded him in death. He was a hard dedicated manual labor worker who married a little nurse from Minnesota in 1956.  He was drafted into the Army and served two years to keep the Peace after the Korean war treaty. He and his wife had a son in 1959 but sadly he died 8 hrs after birth. Then his second child was born in 1963 and became the only child. He loved to bake cakes, breads, turkeys,anything and he loved to Bbq. My first real memory of him is when we would decorate the house for Christmas. I always got to help with the plastic carolers and nativity sets. I remember we always opened our house to others for Christmas or their anniversaries. He used to take me to the rodeo, astroworld, base ball games, and the theatre, which encouraged my love of music and singing. He worked at a little privately owned donut shop for over 25 years and when it closed he went to work for HEB Grocery, where he retired in 2003. He loved serving God and was very active at First United Methodist Church. He made sure his three grandchildren went to church every Sunday and that they knew how to help others by going on mission trips. He is preceded in death by his parents: Pete and Ana Whitehurst of Texas; Wife Shirley, son Boyd Luther, goddaughter Becky Greenwood of MN; and his siblings. He survived by daughter, Marianna Jessee of Houston; Grandchildren: John, Tammy, and Robert of Houston; and one great-granddaughter Ava Marie of Katy, Texas.
A fundraiser is located at to help the family raise money for his burial.

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