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Luther Whitehurst

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Luther Whitehurst

Place of birth: Snook Texas

Religious affiliation: Christian

My dad was born November 16, 1932 in a little town called Snook, Texas. He grew up attending a one room school til high school. He picked cotton with his father, Pete, until he enlisted in the Army and served 2 years. While he was in the Army he met his future wife through a pen pal letter writing campaign formed by Albert Lea United Methodist Church then he met Shirley and they got married in 1956. I came along in 1963 and in 1965 we moved back to Texas because my dad was tired of shoveling snow. He went to work for Mrs. Baker’s Donut Shop working 7 days a week. He worked hard all his life and provided for the family. He loved to bake cakes, breads, and pies. He was a member of First United Methodist Church and attended Human Potential Sunday School class until he was unable to tolerate riding Metro anymore. He lost his beloved siblings prior to 2017 and his wife passed away in 2001. Luther had a very painful cancer in the rectal colon and died mercifully knowing God was waiting for him.

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