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Linus simmons

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Linus simmons

Place of birth: Cincinnati, OH

Linus was the center of our family with his heart, humor and love. Our baby left us last year and we are still crushed with grief. Linus, we love and miss you.

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  • Geoffrey Simmons On

    Linus was hilarious with a mischievous spirit and endless love. He was a great big brother to his sister Daisy who adores him. He never forgot anyone who petted him once or gave him a treat, then you had a friend for life, be it a mailman, store clerk, neighbor, it did not matter. Linus knew you were a friend and he never forgot you. He was a constant companion with us, always next to us especially when one of us was sick or sad. His empathy and love are eternal. Huge heart. Irreplaceable.


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