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Lew Davis

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Lew Davis

Place of birth: Detroit

Lew was my best friend. We were inseperable for 5 years. He was the type of person you loved or hated, there was no in between. He was very smart, sometimes scary smart. He had his flaws as we all do but his heart was gold under a tough exterior. His stories were incredible and you could listen to them over and over. We never went a day without talking or doing something. He worked hard and all he wanted from life was to have fun and a house one day. We danced, we laughed, we talked for hours. A part of me died with him. So much has changed for me and I wish everyday that this is a horrific nightmare and I wake up and he is there to tell me how proud he is and then we head out for ice cream. In my eyes he was an incredible soul.

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