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Lenny Kenneth Wellman

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Lenny Kenneth Wellman

Place of birth: Franklin County, Ohio

I lost my son Len Ken, as we called him in February of 2018 after a long battle with diabetes, renal failure and dialysis. He did have a transplant in 2017 which gave us 7 glorious months  where he actually felt good and could be normal. His body was too weak to handle everything it had been through. He passed peacefully at home with family and fur kids. He loved his pets Zeus, Brewster, and Bella whom actually saved him from low blood sugars many times. He loved to paint, draw, play guitar, and create short films with his cousin Rob. His eyesight was going but he still continued to paint as best he could and play his guitar. He had a passion for horror movies and was always visiting Horror Con with his friend Jessica and cousin Rob. It was nothing for him to want to go on a ghost hunt. He also started a little homemade brewery with his buddies Clint, Don, and Rob. They had named it Brew Unto!  You could ask him anything about music, movies etc and he was like a walking encyclopedia. He always knew the correct answers. He and I used to sit and play scrabble or Uno. He loved board games. He was diagnosed with diabetes at age 14 but he did not let it stop him. He was not an active child but more of a creative child. He had such an imagination growing up and it served him in his adult life. He worked for an Insurance company where they loved him dearly. All I can say about my son is that there is not a life he has not touched. This was shown to me at his Memorial service. So many with so many stories of remembering him. He touched so many. I will cherish my memories and wait until we meet again. I love you Son

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