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Lawrence Chase

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Lawrence Chase

Place of birth: None

Mr. Lawrence Chase lived an amazing 88 years before his soul was laid to rest on December 16, 2016. He led a politely quiet life, keeping to himself with except for the tip of his hat on his daily trips in and out the building. He was a man of few words, but over the years we learned of his love for cars, his time in the US Navy, and his love of his daughter, Devonah. His story greatly weighs on my heart, as I wonder if knew how much the people around him truly cared for him. Lt. Naughton and Louise Williams’ former aide, Pia, helped him to his unit after seeing his struggle walking through the lobby of CTA. Mrs. Montgomery’s aide, Tameka, was the first to ask that we check on him after he had not been seen on his usual stroll for days. He had been on my mind as well, so as soon as she left the office I asked Stumpy (Willie Brooks) to go with me for a home visit. Everyone in the lobby that day encouraged him to go the hospital. Everyone supported. Thursday after noting that no one reported seeing Mr. Chase return to the building I began calling area hospitals to locate him. No one had him listed. I called the non emergency center that coordinated his transport, no records after the Friday he was taken to Norfolk General. I called and called and dialed nonstop, beginning to panic. I filed a missing persons report. And within a matter of hours I was called down to the hospital morgue and asked to identify a body. There I said my final goodbye to a kind resident. Hoping that he knew he was important to the Calvary Towers Family.

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