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Keith Lavoie

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Keith Lavoie

Place of birth: Burnaby

On September 7th 2014, Keith Edward Lavoie from Kamloops BC passed away peacefully at the Royal Island Hospital at the age of 58, after battling cancer. He resided in Kamloops from 1973 until 2014. He was born in Burnaby on October 26th 1955 to Vivian and William Lavoie. He has two sisters Sheila and Annette and one brother Melvin. And has been predeceased by his brothers Doug and Brian, baby infant Kenneth. Keith loved video gaming and spending time helping out those people around him who needed it. Keith has left behind his children, Christine (Steve), Joanne (James) of Kamloops, Mike (Jenna) of Fort Saskatchewan .Doug (Steph) of Kamloops, and Michelle (Larry) of Williams Lake. Amanda and Charles of Chilliwack. Keith has many grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends who will dearly miss him. Upon request of the family there will be no funeral service for Keith.

“I’ll still be with you, and you’ll still be with me, I’ll feel you in the sun, I’ll hear you in the tree’s. You’re never far away, so don’t you ever leave. You’re always in my heart, I’ll carry you with me” Alyssa Reid

4 Responses

  • Annette Sharpe On

    Bucket Wish

    My darling brother. We tried and made it, no dinner though, as you had asked for. We held each other, We smiled and we knew it was all okay. The memories we shared no one can take away. The good times, like the car sand pit. No dolls for me ;) we spent time on our knees in the dirt with the dinky cars. One day darling, we can play on our knees again in the dirt. Always close in my heart. Annette.

  • On

    A good friend

    I have known Keith for over 20 years I want to say that I will miss him and I know that hes not in pain anymore,,,Keith always had a funny joke to tell evertime you see him...You will be dearly missed my friend but never forgotton

  • On

    my friend

    keith i will never forget you my friend we will meet again one day and have tim horton coffee be fore we start our day miss you already love you friend miss bea

  • Michelle Lavoie On

    Dear Dad.

    Dad, since you left... I cant stop thinking about you. I cant stop thinking how much you have grown, how much you have over come. How much you have helped those around you. how much you have loved. I am truly blessed and thankful that you and I had the chance to reconnect when I was 14. I am happy that we had that relationship ever since. You always brought joy into my life. knowing that I would be able to talk to you about anything and you wouldn't judge me nor hate me for it. sitting by your side at the last moments of your life, was probably the most hardest thing I had to ever do in my life. But if I had the chance to do it again, Id be right there from the beginning and help you along the way, right until the end. Thank you for the encouraging words you spoke to Larry... thank you for loving us. thank you for accepting him as family. We will always cherish that. I have so much I would like to say... so much but I know that you know - what my heart says and feels. I will always remember you... and Ill never forget you. I wish you were here to listen to the song Alyssa Reid wrote for me, because of you leaving this world... its so beautiful. a part of the song says this dad "What do you do, when you've lost your whole world, When the room is spinning, when daddy's little girl, is just a girl without her daddy Taken way too soon" its so true.... I don't know what I am going to do with out you. But I know this - no matter where I am, where Ill be... what Ill be doing. Ill always have you right with me. theres going to be a lot of things I wish you could be a part of... or come and do with me. But I know that in spirit you'll be there. for always in my heart dad. I love you.


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