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Karl Castro

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Karl Castro

Place of birth: Canada

THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIESYou were my medicine, Karl…my therapist, the light in my worldYou were my loyal friend, my constant companion and inspiration.You made me happy for five years and two weeks to be exactGiving me unconditional love, ready to protect and stand by me.I did not just lose you as a pet, as a cherished buddyI also lost your unwavering comradeship and you as my anchor.You were my safety net, my happiness, my everythingYou were my confidant, my shadow, the glow in my eyes.The reality of being without you started to sink inMy bereaved heart is broken and it doesn’t seal up.I screamed on top of my lungs and cried like a riverYou were my comfort, my solace through thick and thin.I am struggling to forgive myself for not being able to save youI collapsed on the floor in extreme grief and sadness.I still can’t believe you’re gone and nowhere to be foundI miss you so much, my precious boy, I long for you each day.Why does my heart must endure this kind of emotional suffering?The intense pain and loneliness without you are tough and unbearable.It hit me a lot when you left me, harder than I expectedBut I am lucky to have you to grieve for and making goodbye so hard.”I will always love you, Karl and we will meet againin another time, in a happier place.”-SALLIEJan. 3, 2021/8:52 PM

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