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Jolene Bale

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Jolene Bale

Place of birth: Ottawa, Ontario

Religious affiliation: Christian

All services will be held at…
Pine Grove Bible Church
2144 East Acres Road
Ottawa, ON

August 25, Friday
6:00 – 8:00 PM Visitation
August 26, Saturday
11:00 – NOON Visitation
NOON – Celebration of Jolene’s Life
Please stay after the service for fellowship and snacks

A Few Things about Jolene’s Life from Ted.
Jolene arrived in this world at the Ottawa Civic Hospital on May 22, 1955. She was the daughter of proud parents Dwight Stoner and Evelyn Stoner. As Jolene’s Dad was in the air force, they were living at the old Rockcliffe air force base. Jolene’s dad was transferred every few years and they lived in France, Belgium, Germany, and finally his last posting at the now decommissioned radar base in Falcon Bridge near Sudbury. After retiring from the military, the family settled in Sudbury when Jolene was in Grade 6. Grade 7 was a bad year for Jolene. She had a mean teacher and the kids (particularly the boys) were not nice to her at all. The one bright spot was she met her true and lifelong friend Paola, who made the year bearable. Jolene had a great high school experience with many good friends. In high school, her grade 10 English teacher introduced her to the Gospel and in grade 12 Jolene accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Jolene went on to Laurentian University to study translation. At the Laurentian Christian fellowship club, she met Ted. Three years later they were married in 1979. After marriage Ted and Jolene moved to Ted’s home town of Timmins where Ted worked as a medical laboratory technician and Jolene worked as translator for the board of education. We attended a wonderful small Christian church, the Bible Fellowship Assembly. The year after we were married Jolene’s dad passed away from pancreatic cancer at 61 years of age. After two years of marriage Ted decided he wanted to be a chemical engineer, so we moved to Thunder Bay where Ted attended Lake Head University and Jolene worked at Bell Canada to “bring home the bacon.” We again attended a wonderful small Christian church, Westmount Gospel Chapel. June 1983 was a milestone month for Ted and Jolene. Ted started his first chemical engineering job, we had our wonderful daughter Shannon, Jolene quit her job to become a full time mother, and we bought our first house. Three years later, we moved to Toronto (job transfer) and another four years later in 1990, to Ottawa (another job transfer) at which time we started attending Carson Grove Bible Church whose congregation met in a school. Our wonderful son Kevin was born the month after we moved to Ottawa. The following year, the church moved to its own building – Pine Grove Bible Church, which we have continued to attend until the present. That was the same year Jolene’s mother moved here from Sudbury. Jolene has always been very close to her mother, Evelyn, who has also always been a close part of our family. We have had wonderful years at Pine Grove. Jolene has been one of the teachers at the ladies group (Take-a-Break) for many years. She has also taught Sunday school, taught at VBS (Vacation Bible School), written a few Sunday School Pageants, and preached on Sunday mornings. The whole time at Pine Grove, we have attended a home Bible study group where we have had great time and great fellowship. Along the way, God gave us two wonderful children, Shannon and Kevin. We couldn’t ask for better kids. We often said that we didn’t deserve such good kids. Even though we raised them in the same way, they turned out very different. But the major thing they have in common is that they are great kids, and we are very proud of both of them. In November 2016, Jolene got word that she had pancreatic cancer. Jolene faced this with strength, faith, and no fear. Last June 5, she was admitted to the Ottawa General Hospital, then a week later to the Ottawa West Hospice. While there, we still had good times. Ted visited her everyday and many people from Pine Grove would also come to visit. Her son Kevin also visited her at least twice per week, and Shannon came back from Halifax a few times to visit her as well. Many people would drive Evelyn (now 97 years old) to the hospice in the morning for a visit. The love, support and encouragement we have gotten from our Pine Grove family (and yes, you are all family) has been incredible. I don’t know how we could have made it through without you. On August 21, Jolene passed from this world into the presence of her Lord and Savior. I miss her terribly as do the rest of her family. We had the most wonderful 38 years of marriage. But I am comforted knowing that I will see her again in Eternity.

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  • Erika Dick On

    Jolene has been a friend for over 30 years. While we first met through our husbands working at the same place our friendship grew as we discovered we were kindred spirits in many ways. We got to know each other when our daughters were little as we spent many mornings together watching them play. Our friendship continued even though we lived far apart except for those early years. How do I think of her-Jolene my friend: A homemaker-she loved to decorate her home for every occasion and took pride in it A chef-she enjoyed trying new recipes-I remember the time we made 100 chocolate truffels for my husband’s birthday party A prayer partner-she was always there if you needed a friend to pray with you. An encourager-she always found a way to inspire and encourage me in every endeavor. A fun person-she knew how to have fun and she had a great sense of humour. A hostess-she welcomed our family of 5 on many visits to Ottawa, providing generous hospitality. An artist-she enjoyed painting and many crafts. Her hand made cards were a joy to receive. A giver-she gave freely of herself, her love, and her talents and asked for nothing in return. An organized detail person-she knew how to keep things in order but always placed her God and family first. A teacher-she loved teaching both in her job and at her church. A hard worker-she made time to work, both outside the home, at home and in her church. A loving mom-she did everything she could to support and encourage her children. A faithful and supportive wife-her example inspired. A strong Christian-the example of her life encouraged all. I shall miss her. But I am grateful that I had a chance to know her and love her. Through her encouragement, example and love she has made me a better person.

  • Linda Owen On

    "We always thank God for you and continually mention you in our prayers. We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. For we know, brothers and sisters loved by God, that he has chosen you to live forever in His Presence." I Thess 1:2-4 (From John) We are weeping with you over the grief of losing your precious bride, Jolene. You BOTH reached out to Linda and I so much when we were at Pine Grove 1998-2000, and again in 2006! You made us feel so loved, welcomed, and blessed. Jolene would prepare beautiful meals for us, with her homemade bread and soup, and a lovely dining table set carefully with precious plates and silverware. It was as if you were saying with Jesus, there on that beach, "Come and Dine." Our hearts grieve with you Ted, and your family, for the loss of the physical presence of your Jolene. We all know in Christ that this is just the beginning of what lies ahead, eternity with our loved ones and the Living Bread of Life for all eternity...but we still grieve. With hope. (From Linda) There are too many beautiful memories I have of Jolene, and you, to recount, but I wanted to share one with you that I've told to many others. Years back when you lost your job (2000??), you got up at Pine Grove and shared about the loss, your hopes, and asked the body of believers to pray with you. When you sat down next to Jolene, she put her arm around you and gently rubbed your back, to share her reassurance and love. My daughter, Hope, and I, who were sitting behind you, started weeping uncontrollably. Jolene outwardly displayed the kind of "stand by me" support that should exist in every wife! We saw behind that gentle gesture, a lifetime of love, courage, support, and submission that Jolene had for you. Hope and I still cry to this day when we recall what Jolene did. I only share this to let you know what an impact Jolene (and you) have made on my life! John and I have fun memories too, like watching Pride and Prejudice with you guys, even though you were quite reluctant haha! That IS love, dear Ted. You were/are a testimony of a beautiful, Christ-grounded marriage to many, young and old. Thank you for being friends to us. We consider ourselves blessed to have been touched by your lives. We will always remember Jolene, and love you both, John and Linda Owen

  • Kevin Bale On

    Well it finally happened. I can honestly say, you can never truly be prepared for it, regardless of how much warning you get. Our family found out almost a year ago that my mother had cancer. Today she had passed away peacefully. To say I am saddened by this would be a severe understatement. I do take solace in knowing that she is in a better place now, and that one day, I will join her. She was essentially my angel for all of my life, and I will miss her terribly. One thing I am really thankful for is the awesome people that surround me, being with me every step of the way and in doing so, have made this process easier. Mom, you were truly a wonderful mother, and I couldn't have asked for better. I cherish all the time we spent together and will never forget you. I have and always will love you. I hope I continue to make you proud throughout the rest of my life and also hope do you justice. I can't wait to see you again side-by-side with the Lord our Savior and rest of our family in Eternity! -Your beloved son, Kevin I love you very very much, and you make me very very proud. XOXO


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