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Joann Bunn

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Joann Bunn

Place of birth: None

Religious affiliation: Christian

Those Special Memories Of You
Will Always Bring A Smile
If Only I Could Have You Back
For Just A Little While
Then We Could Sit And Talk Again
Just Like We Used To Do
You Always Meant Very Much To Me
And Always Will
The Fact That You’re No Longer Here
Will Always Cause Me Pain
But You’re Forever In My Heart
Until We Meet Again

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  • Marie Gravesande On

    So sorry for your loss, such a beautiful lady, Mrs. Bunn no doubt brought joy to her family and friends. Death represents the loss of future dreams, relationships and experiences that have not yet been enjoyed. In the Bible Acts 17:31 said ‘God has provided a guarantee to all people by resurrecting Jesus from the dead’. This guarantee transcends to all humans (a better time and place)


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