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Ivory Nunez

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Ivory Nunez

Place of birth: Harrisburg, PA

Religious affiliation: Christian

Ivory Rayne Nunez, 2 passed away peacefully on Tuesday January 10, 2023. At her home in Carlisle, PA. She was born January 25, 2020 at UPMC Harrisburg Hospital in Harrisburg, PA. To her parents Annjalee Nunez, and Gavin Smith. Ivory was so truly loved, and such an amazing gift from our Heavenly Father. We were absolutely blessed to have her in our lives for the short amount of time God allowed us to share with each other. Ivory was so very precious, kind, generous, loving, caring, beautiful, intelligent, playful, and silly. She was everything you would want in a child. Would make everyone smile as soon as she would walk in, she would greet people, and make them laugh. Had her own adorable little phrases such as, “Yay cookie!” “Look dog dog!” “I hungy” “you coming?” “You otay” “pwease & tank you.” She had a free spirit, and was super adventurous. Loved playing outside, and pointing to the birds, chasing butterflies, and running from bugs, and bees. She loved smelling, and touching flowers and plants. Was Interested in cars, and trucks. Knew her ABCs, Numbers, colors, and animals. She loved playing dress up, and putting on her mom’s makeup. Played with play doh, basketball, bubbles, baby dolls, Barbie’s, and colored. Would sing, and danced like a rock star. Enjoyed pretending to be a dog, cat, and monkey. Her favorite animal was a dog. She loved her Mimi’s dog Drizzy, and would play with him all the time. She made her mother so proud, and changed her life, and many other people as well. At such a young age she impacted so many people. She was the biggest blessing, and now it’s our turn to make her proud in Heaven. Ivory’s mom will honor Ivory in everything she does. We love and miss Ivory tremendously. Survived by; Parents: Annjalee Nunez, and Gavin Smith. Grandparents: John & Jamie Nunez. Aunts and Uncles: Tia & Dominick Forlizzi, Elise Nunez, and Juan Nunez. Cousins: Amerely Ruiz, Gemma Forlizzi, and many more.

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