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Rosa Edwards

I am making this submission on behalf of my daughter Rosa Edwards (age 14 tomorrow) whose best friend Alfie took his own life a few months ago Aged 14. She has asked me to submit this image which she took because it really sums up the sort of person he was, creative, a really talented photographer and designer (and this is the style of portraiture he really liked), introspective but warm and kind and very generous and loving too. Sometimes there’s an image that really captures what someone is about and this photo does that ( we actually sent it to his mum too shortly after his death and she also loved this pic)  – it just gets his spirit his love of art his vulnerability his softness and hints at his loneliness too (despite everyone adoring him). Losing Alfie completely changed all our lives and Rosa’s in particular – it was traumatic and a shock and we are still recovering especially Rosa who had recently moved to Wales and found in his not only a best friend but a brother when she had lost her own brother (not through death but through him no longer being in our family) in real life. This is a photo that offers solace and comfort- there’s something about remembering someone in their best light  and capturing  how they inspired/continuesto inspire other people that makes loss more bearable and gives us strength to carry on and this is one of those photos.

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