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Michelle Mosely Arnold

I created a series of images honoring women who have passed away. This image is very personal to me, though, because it is my mother’s wedding dress. I wanted to find a way to honor her life, so I created this image and wrote the following tribute with it: Karen Lee Whittemore wed Ralph Ellington Mosely, III on May 15, 1965 in Nashville, Tennessee. They were sweethearts throughout high school and college. The beautiful ivory silk wedding gown with imported lace was lovingly made by her mother, Jennie Lee Whittemore. The ceremony was held at Second Presbyterian Church. It was a small and intimate celebration, but Karen’s father had threatened not to show up. Fortunately, he changed his mind and arrived at the last minute to walk his daughter down the aisle. Karen and Ralph, who most people called ‘Skip,’ were married for 48 years and had two daughters, Michelle and Jennie. Karen devoted most of her years to being a stay at home mother. Later in life, she entered full-time ministry and found great fulfillment there. She eventually went on to pastor a small church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, focusing most her time teaching people about prayer. This, combined with her own discipline of praying hours a day, causes her to forever be remembered as a Woman of Prayer. Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of April 2014. Her children cared for her the last month of her life since Skip had passed away 8 months earlier. In her final days, she spoke of seeing her husband. He told her there would be an amazing party for her on Sunday. Karen said Skip showed her a glimpse of this celebration, and it was like nothing she had ever seen. A few more days passed, and then Karen peacefully passed away in her home June 1, 2014. It was Sunday.

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