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Jodie Beardmore

Two months ago I lost my beloved Grandad and ever since losing him I have felt an overwhelming sense of my own mortality and my depression has been triggered quite badly, causing me to feel demotivated and uninterested in anything.
Photography has always helped me to get through hard times and it has saved my life in the past. I’ve found that it has given me purpose and I think being open about our own struggles can help others feel less alone in their problems.We often present a very filtered point of view, especially through social media where we only share our good moments.
This morning I fought the darker part of my brain that made me want to stay in bed all day and made work.
I decided to photograph myself in my bedroom where I have grown up and spent all of my life so far. Me and my Mum are currently in the process of re-decorating my room and have been peeling the wallpaper off the walls. The wallpaper has been painted over several times and as we removed the cream coloured paint I saw the shocking pink paint I asked for when I was thirteen and underneath that layer of paint I found doodles that I’d naughtily drawn on the wall at an even younger age and hoped my parents wouldn’t find them.It made me think of how temporary everything is and how much everything changes over the course of time as well as how one room can hold so much life.

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