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Jeanene Wruck

We lost my father almost two years ago now. We had him home with hospice for about 3 months. We watched this strong, vibrant, and alive man wither. He shrunk; he atrophied; the light went out of his soulful eyes slowly. To the end, he was internally strong and mad that his body wouldn’t work. He was mad that he had grown dependent. He was mad that he just couldn’t live. He wasn’t one to sit, and in the last months, that’s all he could do. As a care taker, I did things I never dreamed a daughter would have to do. Dad was a military man: USAF and served during the Korean War. He took the flag, this country, and his life very seriously. He loved to fly, be in planes, watch planes, or anything that had to do with flying. He loved nature as well. He’d sit and watch animal life, the clouds, and all that encompassed him. He was an avid photographer, which is where I’m certain my passion comes from. He loved to travel; he loved to photograph nature mostly. This photo reminds me of him. The “rock” for his strength, the blue sky for his heavenly passing, AND him soaring in the wild blue skies, the ‘cracks and crevices’ for his weaknesses, and how beautiful it all is even if it’s ‘not perfect’. Dad was our rock and what brought us all together. This photo kind of ties that all together. We will realize he’s been looking down, watching over us, happy that I am still traveling, taking photos, and living life…from the heavens.

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