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Healing Grief After A Death Loss

As we enjoy the warmth of summer and we embrace more opportunities to connect socially, we at HealGrief encourage a walk in the park, coffee with a friend, a yoga class, or perhaps a book club. The fresh air, or activities that engage us to be among others, can sometimes be the next step for life after loss.

Death loss does not have to mean the loss of life. When we think of loss, our grief is a way of bringing us closer to meaningful people in our lives. We bridge the gap between treasured memories of the time before a loss and new memories we create in the present through everyday living.

Each moment has the potential to remind us how much the people in our lives, past and present, have given us strength, support, and purpose. Following the death loss of our person, we may also mourn that we never had the opportunity to acknowledge them for all they have done for us, or the chance to relive special moments with them. 

Everyone’s journey through grief is unique, and death loss impacts our lives in different ways. Grief is more than a process of mourning the past. Together, we can help each other grieve in a way that allows us to build something new so that our emotions inspire us rather than trap us in the past.

If you are experiencing the death loss of someone important in your life, it is not too early or too late to look towards the future.

Coping with death loss may be a personal journey, but it is not one that you have to make on your own. For support, turn to or join our community, where individuals connect, feel heard, and are understood by others having a similar experience.

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