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Frank Bank 4/1/2013

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Frank Bank 4/1/2013

Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA

In our lifetimes, we are sometimes fortunate enough to cross paths with people that make an impact. Frank Bank valued friendship and loyalty above all else, and impacted lives because of it. He was a guy who cared about the people in his life; especially those from his past. Somehow, Frank enjoyed living in a scrapbook. If you were fortunate enough to have a page in that book, you were blessed. Frank held on to friendships with passion and zeal and those feelings were contagious. We would not be together today feeling this collective loss, if Frank had not brought us together. Life is bitter sweat. Without Frank, there would not be this collective sadness; this unfilled void; but without him, we would not be together. Frank always believed that we should celebrate life. That we should find a way to be together, not just at funerals. It is ironic that we will meet again to mourn his passing and celebrate his life. We need to carry on his legacy, and in that spirit, we must continue to celebrate life together as Frank wished.

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