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The HealGrief® community consists of several million people who understand and know all too well the heartache that comes with grief after a death loss. We know that a death loss leaves many of us feeling adrift and disconnected from the world, our friends and family, and even ourselves. Some of us have felt stuck in an endless loop of searching for meaning. And many experience the burning wonder, “What now?” and “What’s next?”


We are here to tell you with certainty and confidence that amidst the darkness of grief – with healthy post-bereavement care – there is life, growth, and transformation after a death loss – it is possible. 

We must start by embracing and validating our emotions. Then we begin to find purpose and meaning. It doesn’t matter what you’re feeling, whether it’s anger, sadness, guilt, or any other emotion; what is essential is that you acknowledge and accept these feelings as they arise. Giving yourself the space and time to grieve how you need to is crucial to healing and eventually moving forward.

It’s so important to connect with others who get it. Grief is monumental. It’s epic and can feel overwhelming, but when you make a remote connection with someone else who feels the same way, it will normalize your experience. The #1 way to make such a connection easily is on the AMF App. It’s free, confidential, and safe. Learn more about it here

Some of us find solace and meaning after a death loss by honoring the memory of our person. You can do this through volunteer work, a new hobby, or sharing stories and memories. Connecting with the legacy of your person can provide comfort and significance in your life again. What did your person care about? How can you continue to keep their passion alive? 

As mentioned above, reaching out for support from others who have experienced a similar death loss can be immensely beneficial. Whether it’s joining a support group, seeing a grief coach, or relying on friends and family, having a supportive community can help you navigate the journey of grief and find comfort in the company of others. We recommend connecting with others who get it. You can do this within The AMF App. It’s a free resource that is paid for by generous donations.

Finally, finding purpose and meaning after a death loss often requires a deep, introspective examination of life moving forward. You can try setting new goals, building new relationships, or discovering new interests and passions. When focusing on the future, you write a new narrative for your life and find hope and happiness after a death loss.

Moving forward, here are a few tips that may be of help to find purpose again, understanding that everybody’s process, journey, and reactions are different: 

  • Feel it: You may want to cry, break down, yell, or throw something. You may even be triggered reading this. Let it out. Allow the energy or emotion to move through you so it can leave your body. 

  • Get creative: Try expressing your emotions through art, writing, or music. Creating something can be a cathartic experience that helps to process your grief.

  • Connect with nature: Spending time in nature can bring peace and tranquility to mind and soul. Go for a walk, sit by a lake or stream, or enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

  • Reach out to others: Connect with friends, family, or support groups to share your feelings and find comfort in the company of others.

  • Focus on gratitude: Make a daily habit of listing things you are grateful for, no matter how small they may seem. This practice can help shift your focus from what you have lost to what you still have in your life.

  • Honor your person’s memory: Create a special memorial or tribute to your person, whether it’s a scrapbook, photo album, or memorial garden. You can also keep your person’s memory alive by celebrating special occasions, such as their birthday or the anniversary of their passing, in a way that feels meaningful to you.

  • Volunteer: Give back to others by volunteering your time and resources. Volunteering can bring new purpose to your life and help you feel fulfilled.

  • Write a letter: Write a letter to your loved one, and express your feelings and memories. Writing is a powerful form of self-expression and healing.

  • Find joy in small moments: Take time to appreciate the little things in life. A beautiful sunset, a child’s laughter, and a warm cup of tea are just little things that bring bundles of peace to our lives. These small moments of joy can bring comfort during difficult times.

A death loss can be a powerful and transformative experience that allows one to find purpose and meaning. We say “transformative” because when embracing your emotions, honoring the memory of your person, seeking support, and focusing on the future, you can start moving forward and find joy and hope in the face of adversity. We always like to emphasize that grief is a unique and personal experience. There is no right or wrong way to cope. The most important thing is to take care of yourself, give yourself the time and space to heal, and take one day at a time.

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