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Ethan Ewing

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Ethan Ewing

Place of birth: Phoenix, AZ

Ethan was the first of 5 children He was my world He leaves behind his mother and father, his 5 siblings, and his great love Amy Ladden and their son Gage. He was only 23 when he left us. He was a great kids smart and funny he was so loved but didnt realize just how much.

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    I miss you!!!!!

    You were not just a wonderful brother but a best friend as well. Words can't describe how much you meant to me. Losing you was like losing a part of me. My only wish is that I could have known about you a lot sooner because the memories we shared were some of the greatest ever. I know that I will be cherishing those memories forever. I love you Ethan. I really hate that you are gone. I miss you like crazy. I know you could have had a great life. I especially miss your cooking. You were the best especially with your BBQ food. I will keeping your memories in my heart as long as I live. Love and Forever your sister! Bridgette


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