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Emanuel “Manny” Amendolagine

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Emanuel “Manny” Amendolagine

Place of birth: Brooklyn, NY

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Emanuel “Manny” Amendolagine passed peacefully in his sleep on May 21, 2016. He was 96 years old. He was born Jan.1 1920, in Brooklyn NY to Vincent and Nora. He enlisted in the US Army Air Force following the attack on Pearl Harbor and was a 1st Lieutenant and bombardier in a B-24 bomber in the South Pacific. He was a quintessential member of the “Greatest Generation.” After the war he graduated from Hunter College with a BA in geology and then Columbia University with a Master’s Degree in geology. His first marriage was to Faye Reed. Manny and Faye had two children; Gordon and Gina. His second marriage was to Suzanne LeBlanc in 1961 and they had four children; Vincent, Sabatino, Maurice, and James. Manny moved with his family to Vancouver, BC in 1969. Manny had an exciting career as an exploration geologist throughout Canada, Central and South America, the US and Ireland. He was an unconventional, unique character, and a prominent figure in the heady days of the ultra-speculative Vancouver Stock Exchange from the 70s to 90s when mining deals were hammered out in the smoky nooks of the Jolly Taxpayer Pub. Manny had close associations with prominent stock promoters including Murray Pezim. He involved his sons in his mining ventures, exposing them to experiences few of their peers had the opportunities to be part of. Manny instilled the importance of higher education in his children. He was also passionate about his Italian heritage, and held family as the most important aspect of life. His other passions included seafood and art. Manny lived his life on his own terms, without regard to norms and conventions. As his career slowed in his eighties, his second wife Suzanne and son Vincent became his primary care-givers and closest companions. He is survived by his sister Mary Argento (Nat), daughter Gina Mahon (David), his sons Vincent (Karen Kristensen), Sabatino (Terry Ford), Maurice (Colleen DeLory), James (Elizabeth), and their brother Chris (Kamilla) for whom Manny was a grandfather figure, and 11 grandchildren. Manny was predeceased by his first wife Faye, his son Gordon, and his brothers Sabino and Modesto. Manny will be fondly remembered by all that knew him. He is a larger than life figure to his family as well as others that knew him. A memorial will take place this Summer in Vancouver at a venue and date to be determined to celebrate Manny’s life.

4 Responses

  • Maurice Amendolagine On

    Happy Birthday Manny! (from Maurice). Zach, Colleen and I were thinking and talking about you last night and today (New Years Day). Talked about ripping down your New Years Eve decorations after returning from New Years Eve parties. We miss you!

  • Maurice Amendolagine On

    It's been a while since the memorial, and your birthday passed 11 days ago. I don't want your memory to fade. You are/were such an important part of our lives. You were an enigma, an amazing individual. I'm sure your up to something unique right now. I wish you were still around. I love you dad. Moe

  • Maurice Amendolagine On

    Miss you so much, too many thoughts and memories to recount, just to know you are missed and loved. Thanks for the memories!

  • Kim Strynadka On

    I was always a little frightened of Uncle Manny. Especially the time he got mad at me when I stacked dirty plates. At the same time, I admired the support and advocacy he had for kid's education. He even offered to help my sister go back to school. I know he is at peace, having coffee and giggles with my mom in heaven. I am sure he is proud of his legacy. See you on the other side Uncle Manny! x0x0x Love Kim


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