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Donna “Honey” Phipps

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Donna “Honey” Phipps

Place of birth: Coral Gables, FL

Donna  “Honey” Phipps of Irving passed away January 14, 2016 beside her husband Mike “Papa” Phipps. She was born on March 16, 1939 in Coral Gables, Florida, the daughter of the late Lucille and James Dear. She will always be remembered for her love and dedication to her family.  Being a Florida girl, she loved to be outside enjoying activities in the sunshine.  She loved to work in the yard and was always fixing something or improving it.  She also loved to go fishing at Lake Joe Pool on her pontoon boat and even slipping away to go to the coast whether that was the Texas or Florida coast.  If you ever visited her house the first thing you would notice is that her house was spotless.  Many times we would tease her that we would could eat off her floor, which she would laugh and happily disagree.  When Katy moved into her first actual home while off at college, Honey came over and diligently spent the entire day cleaning that house top to bottom.  It sparkled and Katy and roommates said she could visit anytime or even be a roommate.  That is the way she was, she would do anything for her family or really anyone.  She was still the only one in the world who would give money to people on the street.  If she had the money (or even if she didn’t) she wanted to help people.  Being a nurse was the perfect profession for her, she got to help people that really needed help, and she worked in labor delivery where she could help bring babies into the world.  She will truly be missed because there was no one like her. Honey’s spirit carries on in the memories of her family, just how it should be.  She is survived by her husband, Mike “Papa” Phipps”; her daughters Jacquie Meenach and Karen Grady; brother, Bill Dear: grandchildren, Katy Grady; Kyle Grady, Josh Meenach; Jett Meenach and Joey Meenach with great grandchild Isabella Lucille Meenach. 

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