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Donnie Castillo

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Donnie Castillo

Place of birth: Houston, Texas

Donald Christopher Castillo was born in Houston, Texas on March 11, 1970. He was soon joined by siblings Diana, Angie, Matthew, and Christina. He is a treasured member of a loving extended family – a beloved son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, husband, daddy, and friend.

Donnie grew up in the Houston area, where he made many lifelong childhood friendships. At 17, he joined the U.S. Army, specializing as a Combat Engineer. His first duty station was Kelley Barracks in Darmstadt, Germany, assigned to the 547th Engineer Battalion. He often spoke about his time in Germany as the happiest of his life. It is here that he established his most cherished friendships, that remain to this day.

Upon returning stateside, Donnie was stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana, assigned to the 588th Engineer Battalion, when he was deployed to Iraq to serve during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Thankfully, he returned home, at least physically, and received an Honorable discharge in the summer of 1991. During his time in the Army, he achieved rank of Specialist, and earned an Army Service Ribbon, Army Lapel Button, National Defense Service Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, and Good Conduct Medal. Donnie took great pride in his service to the country he loved so dearly, but it became painfully obvious once he returned home that his time in the desert had left it’s mark. He was eventually diagnosed with PTSD, and struggled with it for years to come.

Donnie was a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast. After his time in the Army, he explored a few career options before deciding to learn about motorcycle mechanics. Donnie found a true passion for the business, and eventually attained certification as a Harley Davidson Master Technician. Donnie was very proud of his work and career accomplishments, and was highly regarded among those within the HD community.

Donnie met Jill Weiss in 1993, and became stepdad to her daughter Brittany. A few years later, he and Jill welcomed another daughter, Gina, who was eventually joined by their son, Daniel.

In 2002, Donnie began dating the woman to whom he referred as the Love of His Life, Jenepher, and fulfilled the role of stepdad to her son Keilan. Donnie and Jenepher married in 2006, and shortly after, Brittany, Keilan, Gina, and Daniel were joined by a baby sister, Isabella. He was a very proud father to all five of his children.

Donnie was a very passionate and charismatic individual, with a quick wit and amazing intellect. He had a fantastic sense of humor, and loved to make people laugh. He was the type of person who made friends wherever he went, and if he considered you a friend, it was for life.


We are proud of your accomplishments and sacrifices in a life that became a struggle. Our hearts ache as we go on without you! We cherish the good you left behind, and forgive all else. Our comfort comes from knowing you are now at peace, and that we will see you again!

“My love for him is beyond any love I have ever heard described. It is a love that is beyond love…an unyielding soul connection in which no seam is visible.”

20 Responses

  • Jenepher Castillo On

    My darling. I spent the evening of your birthday reminiscing through pictures, letters, and our things. There was so much love expressed between us. Despite our hard times and all the rest, the love was never denied. You are still as much a part of me as ever. There are no words for how much I miss you. Love always, Your wife

  • Jenepher Castillo On

    Your baby girl turned 10 years old last week. She says she is now "a decade old"... She is always so funny and has such a unique way of expressing herself. Wonder where she got that from?? She is so much like you, and I love that. They all 3 have personality traits that are unmistakably yours. It helps me get through the days to have parts of you in each of them to love. The moments of missing you are neverending. What I would give to just have another conversation with you! To hear your voice, and your laughter again. I am incomplete....

  • Jenepher Castillo On

    A New Year...

    Every new year's eve brings back such bittersweet memories of all those we spent together, just the two of us. What a special feeling it was, shutting out the world and ringing in a new year like we were the only two people in existence...hours and hours full of each other...full of love and hope...our most special night of the year. My God, how I miss those I miss that I miss you! I rang in 2016 with the kids and family...and now, I will spend another year wondering how in the hell it came to this. I'll go on loving you...

  • Jenepher Castillo On

    Missing You...

    I miss the way your breathing smelled when my head was on your chest. I miss the feel of my hand in yours, so strong and firm. I miss the way your foot would seek out mine under the blanket. I miss the sound of your voice and your laugh - if I concentrate, I can still hear that beautiful baritone... I miss the way you'd kiss my forehead and pat my bottom when you'd pass by me in the kitchen. I miss the way you'd always open the door for a lady - especially me, your lady. I miss the way you'd love our daughter, making her feel like the center of your world. I miss the way you'd brag on your other two babies,loving and admiring them more than they could know. I miss listening to our favorite songs together...singing along and appreciating the soundtrack of our memories. I miss feeling my chest pressed against your back as you so expertly navigated your motorcycle through the city streets, making me feel as one with you, kept safe like I was your precious cargo, and so carefree. There's so much more to say about what I miss - I could go on for the rest of my life telling you about it all...I know I'll go on the rest of my life feeling it all. I just miss you. But I know, as I see the end of the first year without you, that the beginning of the second brings me that much closer to being with you again. Until then, I'll go on loving you.

  • Jenepher Castillo On

    A year has passed...

    And I miss you more every day. I'm comforted knowing that each one brings me closer to the day I'll be in your arms again, where Heaven has made our love whole. Until then, my Beloved. Love. Always..


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