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Dee Shelton

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Dee Shelton

Place of birth: Wyoming

Dear Daddy, I miss you. Life is just not the same. I cannot wait to see you again. Your legacy lives on through all those that love you.

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  • Marie Gravesande On

    I am truly touch by your memorial statement, the desire you've shown to reunite with your Dad. There is a bond so strong it is love, ‘Its the flame of God.’ Because such love originates with God. He is the One who has put in us the capacity to love. It is a flame that is inextinguishable. Such a love is what you’ve shown for your dear Dad. Song of Solomon 8:6,7. At Isaiah 25:8 the prophetic promise is made that God ‘will actually swallow up death forever.’ That is when we will live forever and all reuniting will take place. Revelation 21:3,4.


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