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Aurora Quiroz

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Aurora Quiroz

Place of birth: needles ca

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Aurora L Quiroz was a loving woman who lived a long and beautiful life. She was a caring and compassionate woman that loved her whole family with all of her heart. she was creative and talented and would have celebrated her 68th year of marriage with her wonderful husband Joe R Quiroz on July 11th 2016. Her husband went to be with the lord on 7/02/2016 and she has gone to be with them now also. She had one son Michael Quiroz, one grand daughter Nicole Quiroz, and three great grand daughters Zoey,Chloe,and Remi. She worked for Bank of America & with her husband Joe Quiroz also owned and operated  Santanas Market in Needles Ca on Chestnut Street. This market was right across the street from her mothers home. Aurora L Quiroz had a silly and fun sense of humor. She loved to laugh, bake & decorate beautiful cakes and treats, knit, crochet, make dolls, as well as many other things. She had a beautiful talent. She also liked to draw pretty pictures here and there. Aurora L Quiroz loved her family with everything in her being. She used her amazing talents to create beautiful things for her family members. I remember her putting on the record player and dancing with me (her grand daughter) when I was young. I watched her carefully and lovingly craft the things she made. She put an immense amount of love and care into everything she did for her loved ones. She was also an amazing cook. She loved to be surrounded by her loved ones and was close to her siblings and kept everyones well being always at the front her thoughts and prayers. To have her in our lives was truly special and a blessing. She will always be cherished and never forgotten. 

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  • Bea Castillo On

    Our good Lord and Savior has embraced our sister Dora and taken her to his eternal Kingdom, where she will forever bask in his perpetual light. My sister Dora was the pillar of our family. She was a devoted and loving daughter and a nourishing and supportive sister. She was our Emily post, providing guidance and comfort. Reciting "dichos" she learned from our grandma. She was full of vitality. She loved to entertain. I remember how she would make mom laugh with her Carmen Miranda skit. Dora even learned to play the accordion and provided lessons for her nieces. For many years we felt like her children. She touched every aspect of our lives, teaching us manners, proper etiquette, inspiring us with her wisdom, generosity, humor and zest for life. She was a vessel of love and goodness. In good times and in bad, she was always there to support, encourage and to teach. God recognized His Earthly saint and blessed her with a beautiful son, Michael. God said this is good and then enriched her life with a loving grand daughter, Nicole -the joy of her life. And then God sent her three beautiful sweet, great granddaughters and her cup runneth over. She exuded joy and a devoted mother. She exemplified Motherhood. I remember… our monthly trips to the “Middle” drugstore for the latest Homes and Gardens magazine. It cost 35 cents. She loved interior decorating and keeping up with the latest trends. Our evening drives to Irene's for a banana split; Trips to Las Vegas for Heldorado days, Disneyland and out of town football games. Boating on the "Dora Jo", skiing lessons from her beloved husband Joe. He loved to bowl and golf, she loved to bake, crochet and knit. Desserts were her specialty. She loved to decorate cakes and baked my wedding cake. I will always cherish those fond memories. My sister Dora was a treasure trove, leaving us so many wonderful and comforting memories. One of my most treasured belongings is the pillow she sent to all her sisters “Giggles, Secrets, sometimes tears, Sister and Friend through the years.” MY dearest Sis, we will miss you but rejoice knowing that your spirit will always be with us. God Bless. Your Sis Bea


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