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Ann H. Schwartz

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Ann H. Schwartz

Place of birth: New York

Religious affiliation: Protestant

I am so very fortunate to have had such a wonderful, unselfish, caring, and devoted Mother. Although we were not rich in the monetary sense, we were wealthy with our Mothers love.   All her life she sacrificed everything for her family, always putting her husband and children first, and never complaining for what we didn’t have, but always being thankful for what we had.   Through her many illnesses, Mom still thought of everyone else, always hiding her pain and anguish, from her family, never wanting to upset us, even though we knew but respected her desire.   At the end Mom couldn’t fight this last illness; she was too weakened to do so, because she had given all of herself for all these years to her family with the labor of love. For all who knew our Mother, she would also love them as family, and would do anything for them.   God sometimes put angels in human form to care and protect us, for those who also had Angels in their lives know what I mean. GOD will eventually call them back to him, but we are left with their eternal presence, and life’s work. And that is the finest gift that GOD can bestow on us.   My Gift from Mother was a saying: Since I was little my mother would always tell me to Stay the Course, when I would get disillusioned or wanting to give up on things, and although I am heartbroken with such extreme sadness that I’ve never felt before.
Mother;  I will stay the Course for you!

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  • Larry Schwartz On

    My beloved Mother-in-law Ann,my heart broke into million pieces when you left us,there is an emptiness which I never felt before,but I have comfort to know that you are among the Angels,the first time my husband introduced me to you,I felt an instant bond with you,I could not wait to come for visits,you welcomed me into your family like your own daughter,we had so many good times together swapping recipes,playing dress ups,talking about the children, laughing about their little tricks,you never tried to tell me how to run my family life,but you always had good advice through your wisdom. You left me with a beautiful gift ,your caring son Larry my loving husband,and your adorable grandson Brandon. Mom,there's not enough space to write about your loving memories,but I will carry them in my heart for eternity. I will miss you tremendously,with heavy heart I have to say Goodbye,until me meet again in the House of The Lord. Thank you for everything you have done for your family. Rest In Peace Mama Ann.


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