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Andrea Bodie

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Andrea Bodie

Place of birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Andrea Nadine Bodie was the person you want to sit next to at a party.  She had a megawatt smile, a sharp sense of humour, and the best laugh in the world.  A hard worker, Andrea made straight A’s, and good friends while she pursued excellence.  She used her gifts to help others, taking Psychology at the UofW, working with Social Services, and CFS.  Andrea bravely left her career to follow her dream of being a writer.  She freelanced for over 15 years, working on scripts, screenplays and manuscripts in her spare time, finally writing for WRHA.  No one set the mood better than Andrea, and she always had the right hair, outfit and soundtrack.  Highly intuitive, she had a very rich spiritual and private life.  Andrea did things on her own terms: with passion, mischievousness and style.  She lives on in the hearts of those who love her.

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