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Andre Lane

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Andre Lane

Place of birth: New York, NY

My son Andre Lane was born October 12, 1989, addicted to crack cocaine.  The whole nine months I carried him I was homeless, sleeping in a cardboard box between Port Authority, 42nd St., and 8th Ave.  Everyday my life was a living hell, and I chose to still smoke crack and did it anyway.  On the day of October 12, 1989, Andre decided that he wanted to come into the world.  Nobody helped me.  The ambulance didn’t come for me, so another addict, named Andre, put me in a yellow cab.  The  cab didn’t even know where a hospital was, but somehow we just ended up at Bellevue.  By the time anyone paid any notice to me Andre’s head was already coming out in the back of the cab.  That’s when someone noticed me and they just rushed me upstairs to the delivery room.  I didn’t even know where my child was, because they put me in one part of the hospital and Andre was in another part of the hospital.  Somehow, through the many times of me going to jail, my sister had become my emergency contact.  Andre was given to her.  Bellevue Hospital gave me three days to get myself together.  On the second day I left Andre in the hospital, went back to Port Authority, and continued my addiction.Two or three months later I saw some friends who knew my sister and had seen my son Andre.  They said “Yo Isis, you’ve got a beautiful baby!”  I was like “How y’all know I have a baby?  I left my baby in the hospital.”  When I found out Andre was a boy I told my sister I wanted to name him “Port Authority”.  My sister said “You better not name him that!”  Instead I named him Andre.My sister did the best that she could with you, Andre.  I miss you and I love you.  

2 Responses

  • Jodel Nix On

    To the family and family of Andre Lane, I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your dear loved one. I cannot imagine the tremendous pain and sorrow you are feeling during this very difficult time. It is my sincere hope you find comfort in knowing that God has promised to "swallow up death forever" (Isaiah 25:8 NWT), and that he will resurrect our dear loved ones who have passed away. John 5:28.

  • Marie Gravesande On

    So very sorry for the loss of your dear one Andre Lane. Your son obviously had a rough start in this life, which at times is filled with coldness and despair where our hopes and disappointments go unnoticed by a world that doesn't care. Psalm 90:10 says; “The span of our life is 70 years, Or 80 if one is especially strong. But they are filled with trouble and sorrow; They quickly pass by, and away we fly.” Isis is that all life is? Certainly not. God helps us to endure the extreme grief of bereavement. His Word the Bible says that there will be a ‘resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.' At Acts 24:15 (A better place.) "I found this web-site to be very helpful"


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