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Amy Ann (soon Bok) Orzechowski

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Amy Ann (soon Bok) Orzechowski

Place of birth: Seoul Korea

Religious affiliation: None/Unknown

Momma, you came to this country to give your son a better life and education, a real chance for a good life. You left behind your own country and all you had ,all you knew ,you were not accepted ,yet you stayed strong you always made your children, your home, your life a priority and it showed in everything you said, thought, or did. You were widowed just a few short years after coming to the United States ..alone, afraid, losing the love of your life, but you stood tall, you worked hard ,led a very clean life ,you never smoked ,you never drank and gave us a wonderful life making every sacrifice for us, your children . You were a wonderful mother, a loving supportive friend and the best Grandmother. You are so missed. Your last years were very much hard on you You broke your hip, femur , pelvis, arm , and you got CHF COPD though you never smoked a day in your life!! Your battle with dementia just left you alone sad and in the dark afraid at times. ..but as always your light, your spirit, shined through. You were very much alive in your love, your advice, your touch, your laughter, and your smile. You suffered, yet you still brought comfort to others. I love you momma. I will never forget you .I will always love you .I am forever changed because of you. I am only thankful you weep no more , that you are no longer lost, or in any pain and you are with Daddy, Warren, Grandma , Grandpa and with all that love you. Your daughter, Dorothy

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  • dorothy Orzechowski morton On

    My mother from my first breath she was my whole world.. She was both my mother and father, my best friend, my mentor and my critic. she taught me everything, BUT how to live without her. She took good care of me and was such a wonderful loving mother, who always protected me, even now, when she knew she would not be here on earth, to be here for me, she entrusted and asked a chosen few to care for me, to be there- always being a mother. She could be furious with me, but I never walked away with a question of how deep her love for me was. .she loved being a mother and would be one to any one in need…she adopted and others adopted her as their own. she had profound way to reach you, and she could read anyone ,she was a human x ray machine, she was brutally honest to a fault, one without filter.. if she saw you were no good ,well she told you “You were no fucking good!” You knew right where you stood with her at all times. She was giving, charitable, and gracious . If she met you and you made mention of something you lacked or wished you had, by the next time you saw her, she would have that for you. I had many, many times witnessed in a grocery store my mother give money in front of us to pay for something for someone that did not have enough to pay for their items. If you were sick whether a friend or a neighbor, she would make home made soup for you and take it over. The list is LONG for her out pour of kindess and love. I am forever changed because of my mother. I know I will never be the same…my world got smaller while the hole inside me, and in my life got much larger. She was simple and yet complex. She gave up a brand new home that she and my father just purchased when they moved here to Tacoma because my dad suffered a stroke and heart attack, she wanted him to be safe and close to the hospital so they sold the house moved in a bad area of town in the hood of Tillicum near Madigan Army hospital. She had friends from all walks of life. Her best friend was Japanese, which is huge, if you know the history of Korea. She was illiterate, yet had friends and a fiancé that was an attorney. She had friends that were policemen and the respect of local gang members in our town. She loved everyone as long as you were real and a good person ..I am filled with such mixed emotions, filled with such deep sorrow. I will forever mourn the loss of her and yet be so forever grateful and proud of her and for having her in my life ..very few in this whole world had what she and I shared. I thank God for that, and I thank her for that. The last few years of her life were very hard on her, she got very sick, she had a stroke that took her ability to be independent, she had COPD, CHF, she was very weak and was very much lost in the dark, battling Dementia, but like the woman that she is, she was very much alive and plenty of times lucid in the moment , for she still loved, she still shared, laughed, cried, and she still reached out and made a difference to all those that she met and had around her . Back in February she had been hospitalized, she had internal bleeding from an Ulcer we almost lost her then had we not taken her in. They had to constantly check her blood levels for the internal bleeding to see where she was at they had to give her blood transfusions, they exhausted her veins and could not get out any more blood she was black and blue she was in so much pain and she was screaming at me one night that I stayed with her in the hospital bed yelling at me “I hate you ,why do you let them hurt me, poke me with these needles, what kind of a daughter are you!! she did not understand, if they did not do this, she could die, then she passed out for but a minute.. I sat there in horror crying feeling so bad what if this was the last time, the last conversation or last words I heard from my mother? That she hated me ..I could no longer hold back the tears, the pain it all came pouring out she awoken to the sound of my tears she threw everyone and everything off of her and sat up said “Dottie what’s wrong?” what’s the matter? ready for battle to hurt someone she said mommas here and reached out for me grabbed me in a huge hug told me she loved me and not to worry that she loved me and asked what was wrong how she could help!!! I cried MORE over that THAT’s the kind of mother I had, that she was! When she got home from that horrible scary hospitalization she would say I don’t know if I can make it, she was in deep thought, sad , and in pain. It hurt me so bad to see her like that. I just cried, an uncontrollable crying she reached out again and the last words I have from my mother is “Dottie momma try hard to live a long life, momma fight okay” in that moment I knew two things this would be my last year with my mother and that she held on and fought for me she held on for she feared for me to be alone. ..she wanted to know that I would be okay she was so loving an unselfish she forgotten her pain and thought about someone else being in pain over her own.


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