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Alvis Murray

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Alvis Murray

Place of birth: None

Alvis was a really good man. He would do anything to help anyone . He was a hard working man and made sure his famil was stable and had what they needed. He always made sure we had a roof over out head and food in the house we never went with out it, He liked to watch the race on the weekends and play cards , He was a really funny man. I would do anything to have him back here with us . He was missed by many and still is till this day ! He had 2 girls and one boy… We all miss him !! We love you!! Hope too see you one day <3

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    We miss you so much!

    This was our second christmas with out you here.. It would of been perfect if you was here!! But i knew you was watching us. Love you & see you soon!! Sincerly , Your Daughter.


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