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Alfred Brownlee

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Alfred Brownlee

Place of birth: Arizona

His name was Alfred everyone called him Aj. I met him 7 yrs ago he give 2 beautiful children and one on the way . He left us way to early I lost my best friend my soulmate. He was a great man and person he would given you his last dollar.I wanted to be with him  forever 💛 But God needed him more than u did now I have my best friend watching over us forever.

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  • LM Young On

    Please accept my sincerest condolences on the passing of your dearly loved partner, friend and father . Contrary to poplar belief death not normal and God is not so cruel and selfish that HE would take away our dear loved ones to leave us hurt and full of grief, especially a man that would be needed here on Earth to rise he children. Though the pain is overwhelming now God's promise of a resurrection can bring comfort ~ Acts 24:15. Also God promises us in Revelation 21:4 that one day death will be no more neither mourning nor pain. The grief and the feeling of helplessness that you are experiencing now will not be remembered when God resurrects Alfred back to life with a sound body here on earth, I just hope that his children and everyone else who loved Alfred will be there to welcome him back in a paradise Earth

  • Krystal Jiles On

    I was so terrified when Tina first went to go see you in AZ. Somehow and someway, I went from Little Sis to Big Brother haha. I questioned and definitely grilled and got the run down on you. I remember telling you, if you hurt my Sister in anyway, I am going to come out of nowhere from the shadows and sneak up on you. 7 years later, the two of you have blessed me with a beautiful niece, a handsome nephew, and another little princess on the way. It does hurt like hell because there is no way to really catch a grasp on to the unexpected. One would just have learn how to accept and acknowledge that there is reasoning behind everything we face in the world that GOD has given us and HE will not give us more than we can bear. Alfred, even though you are no longer here in the physical you life, legacy, and spirit lives on in your 3 beautiful children and your unborn child. You were an amazing idol to your son and a great supporter to my sister. You will always be my brother from another no matter what and I will keep my word when I told you Tina that I will give my all to ensure you, Tina, and the children will always have me there every step of the way to support you guys in anyway that I can. Love you Brother. Sleep In Peace and we shall meet again


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