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Alex Bernardo

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Alex Bernardo

Place of birth: None

Alex was an amazing friend and one of my very few male friends that were still around. He was always there for me and for everyone else, constantly posing as a reminder for me to take care of myself. We could talk for hours on end, conversing about everything and nothing. We would FaceTime and do face masks together, game together, laugh and cry together. We weren’t that close when I lived in Texas but after I moved, our friendship truly blossomed. The Heavens gained a kind and sweet human being on August 20th, 2017. I will always remember you. Until we meet again, “Wolf Cub”. Love, Chels.

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  • Marie Gravesande On

    I'm so very sorry that you've experienced such a loss. Alex appeared to be someone you truly loved. Death has unfailingly claimed the lives of countless humans, but true love is just as strong. Since Almighty God put the capacity for love within humans, this quality emanates from him and is fittingly termed “the flame of God.” Not even rich King Solomon could buy such love. This is the love you are showing for your dear loved one whom you want to see again. In the Bible at John 5:29 it tells us of a 'resurrection' of which all loved ones can see each other again that will include you Chelsea and Alex.


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