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Adam Lee

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Adam Lee

Place of birth: None

Religious affiliation: Other

Adam was such a wonderful Son and young man who is missed so much by so many for his loving heart and giving spirit. He has truly touched so many lives every where he has ever been And he will live in our hearts forever until we meet again. #LiveLikeAdam

3 Responses

  • Brandi Masek On

    Missing you

    Today was a bad day... It was a in bed, feeling sad day and I couldn't shake it. I kept talking to you hoping and praying you could hear me. I love you.

  • Brandi Masek On

    So Proud

    I cannot express how proud of you we all are Adam. You accomplished so much in your 21 years on this earth. You touched lives and changed hearts and your loving and generous spirit will continue in your family. I vow to be more free spirited, open minded, giving, caring and determined. Your determination to reach your goals has inspired so many people, myself included. As hard as it is to drag myself through the day, I only make it because I know you wouldn't want me giving up. I know where you are and I know we will see each other again but those times I break down and then get that warm feeling or find mysterious pics.. I know that is you letting me know your ok and I need to be too. I just pray you know how much I love you and how proud you made us all. I look forward to you greeting me one day with a great big Adam hug and even bigger smile. I love you my sweet Adambadam. Always have, Always will. Aunt Brandi

  • Amy lee On

    Adam, my angel

    I miss you more EVERYDAY! I was so proud of the man that you became, I am so thankful that you knew that. My heart is completely broken without you here with me... I know that you know that. I know that you don't want me to be sad, I know you are the reason I can get out of bed every day and continue to put one foot in front of the other. I guess heaven was needing a hero, I know you were mine here on this earth and will continue to be FOREVER.


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