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Whether it is leftover from a year without social connection due to the pandemic or the heavy topics dominating headlines, people keep reaching out to let us know they feel deeply alone. Feeling alone, especially after a death loss, often triggers paralyzing combinations of depression and anxiety. These feelings affect every part of our life, relationships, and our well-being. 


We created HealGrief® so that we would not feel alone anymore. We further expanded our mission to develop a social app. Through the Actively Moving Forward® (AMF) App, your community lives 24/7 in your pocket. 


Whether the death of your person was recent or years have passed, the weight of grief often carries on, unrelenting in its presence. The years following the pandemic’s isolation have amplified these emotions, leaving many grappling with a sense of profound loneliness.


At HealGrief®, our core belief rests upon the premise that no one should navigate the journey of grief alone. We understand the intricate layers of sorrow and the complexities of emotions that ebb and flow unpredictably. 


That’s why we’ve cultivated a sanctuary of understanding, a website overflowing with free resources, and a space where solace, compassion, and healing converge.


In the tapestry of life, connections are the golden threads that bind us together. The AMF App isn’t just a platform; it’s a lifeline woven with love and empathy, designed to accompany you through the ebb and flow of grief. It’s a digital haven where shared experiences are cherished, stories are honored, and support is ever-present, transcending the barriers of time zones and boundaries.


Loss alters the landscape of our lives, reshaping our identities and reframing our perspectives. Yet, within this transformation, there’s an opportunity for profound connection. In these moments of vulnerability, the human spirit unites most powerfully. We find solace, strength, and the courage to move forward in the shared narratives, the shared tears, and the shared memories.


The AMF app isn’t just about sharing pain; it’s about sharing love and resilience. It’s about celebrating the lives that touched ours, embracing the lessons they imparted, and carrying their legacies forward. It’s about understanding that healing isn’t a destination but a journey—a journey best traveled hand in hand, supported by a community that understands and uplifts.


Let’s embark on this journey together as we enter a new year. Let’s lean on each other, finding comfort in our shared humanity. Let’s redefine resilience through collective strength, demonstrating that light can penetrate the cracks even in the darkest moments, illuminating our path toward healing and hope.


Register now to join us on HealGrief’s® AMF App, where the embrace of community awaits—24/7, right in your pocket.

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