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  • Erma Butcher On

    The joy of knowing Pat was an individual and triple delight. On many Friday nights we laughed, we talked, we shared woes and food, and sometimes we even played rook. A blessing to us was her sense of hospitality and her love of family. Our thoughts are with the family.

  • Connie Compher On

    I love you and miss you mom. I think about you every day. You are an amazing person and the best mom I could ask for. I am who I am because of you.

  • Norah McKay On

    Dear Pat's family and friends I know you will be missed by many. I am sure you were a wonderful mother because we feel privileged to call David and Catherine friends. We know they missed you now. Comfort and Blessings to all. The McKay's Jim and Norah

  • Judy Teates On

    I was privileged to meet Pat once and to get to know her through one of her “brilliant” fun loving, kind, loyal friend, innovative, and devout Christian daughters. From that position I have watched Pat come through her illness with a spry spirit, loving and receiving each of her family members and friends with such grace, generosity, and selflessness, and spreading the Gospel with almost every breath. She has been a tremendous inspiration even to one who only met her once. Her presence will be greatly missed here on this earth and cause for rejoicing in her eternal home.

  • Linda Riley On

    I am so thankful for Pat's friendship and all the sweet Christian fellowship. She cared so deeply for us all and welcomed so many into her home with whom she shared her gift of hospitality and her love of Christ.


Shared Thoughts

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