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  • Tamika Ford On

    Hi auntie!!!!! I finally get to talk to again you know you are my favorite auntie and lil mike my favorite uncle the others will get mad I miss you think about you all the time I remember when I use to think you were Diana Ross because you use to have your hair and you sang so good I know u are proud of your daughter me 2 she's amazing now I know I can talk to you we will talk more often your niece Tamika RIH AUNTIE TIA

  • melanie jackson On

    Tracy Baldwin "My brother" you was stubborn, you was demanding, an gave us a good fight...If wasn't for fight, there would've been no battle! You really had no chance at life, but the several years you did have you brought a beautiful daughter in this world! Tracy Baldwin "My brother" I'm gone cherish the memories I did have of you an will always love you forever.... You fought long enough no more pain or suffering, you at peace now! Love your sister Melanie

  • Dimitria Parker On

    I love and miss you grandma ~Mia

  • Francisca Martinez On

    Happy Birthday Momma Tia I love You Gino

  • Francisca Martinez On

    Hello Mother happy birthday. This has always been a tough time of the year for me, your birthday, holidays. Who am I kidding, every day can be a challenge sometimes. I feel like I’m on this planet all alone every since you and grandma been gone and this divorce. But with me being your daughter somehow I make it through praise God!!!! It’s so crazy because I still have the urge sometimes to pick up the phone and call you or grandma. And I still hear Gino sometimes call your name. I guess he be looking for you. I tell him that you’re in heaven with Jesus keeping God company. And one day we’ll be together again. I remember before you passed away you told me that you was so proud of me that you had no problems from me and I intend to keep it that way, making you proud of me and taking care of Gino the best I can. I love you and I miss you with all my heart so do the girls and gino. Happy birthday, you are forever in my heart and my memories always. Your daughter Francisca Martinez


Shared Thoughts

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