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  • Francisca Martinez On

    Good morning mother, so much been going on. This world is really showing out. I guess it's good that you don't have to deal with all this. You know there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss you and wish that you were here with me especially during crazy hard stressful times and lately for months that's all is has been. I just know that it would be easier with you . It's so hard here along not the same with out you and grandma it's just a feeling of lost hard to explain but it is. Any who Gino is doing ok I am waiting for things to get a little better so that I can being him to Ohio so that he can have a full doctors appointments with my doctor I know that he needs that. Girls are fine kind of I am sure you know everything. Love you still need your love and support always. Miss you Miss you Miss you Loving you always your one and only daughter Francisca Martinez

  • Dwight And Patricia Sayer On

    Amanda, it's hard to think of a world without you! Love Daddy

  • Tracie Inman On

    Dear Dwight & Patty and family: Just want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you warm virtual hugs. We are sorry for your loss. Kind Regards, Tracie Inman & family

  • On

    Mamu will be dearly missed. She embraced my family with opened arms and made us feel Like one of her own. Have warm memories standing in the kitchen watching her cook, watching the Ray's or the Bucs in the living room with a fire going. She will forever be in my heart.

  • Grace Haynes On

    Our Rays made it to the playoffs! Getting ready to watch a game without you. I don't know what to do. I miss you so very much. I love you Mom!


Shared Thoughts

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