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  • Susan Fox On

    Albert, you touched many lives and left footprints on all our hearts. You brought happiness to all who saw you. You were like a "therapy cat," because one only had to see you to feel more at peace and couldn't help but smile. If I ever got a cat, I'd want one just like you, but you were one of a kind, --once in a lifetime special cat. I know I'll miss you. Thank you, Albert for coming into my sister's life and giving her all your love. We all will never forget you and I hope one day, we will all meet again in heaven. Rest in peace sweet Albert.

  • cindy suley On

    I cannot believe that is has been three years, mom.

  • cindy suley On

    I cannot believe it's been three years, mom. I hate that I am used to you not being here. I hate that I've accepted never hearing your voice again, never hearing your laugh. I hate that I cannot see your face, except in my dreams. I hate that I have to accept this, but I have. Every day I feel your absence. I have finally accepted that every day I will. I love you mommy. Sending you a hug in heaven.

  • Laurie Smith On

    I don't know WHY this gives Ron's religion as Buddist, I've tried several times to edit it. He was a lifelong Protestant.

  • Tami Ferguson On

    Miss you so much Mom! I love you!!


Shared Thoughts

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