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  • Pennywyze Lynn On

    I just wanted everyone to know that I have added a link on my profile to the WordPress site I have made for Jeremy's friends and family to blog . I'm not finished setting it up, but as soon as I'm done and I launch the site I'll take this note off my page here I will also let everyone know that the site has been launched The WordPress site is being posted here in case anyone wants to read stories about Jeremy. Kind of a way for others to get to know J even after he's gone.

  • June Olivas On

    We think about you always, and our love for you is forever into eternity. Your children miss and love you so much! I know you are here with us, watching over us. You are forever loved our beautiful angel daughter! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ashley Bowers On

    None of this is even possible for me. I am frozen in time because of the pandemic and isolation. The only 2 people that let me know that I belong in this world are gone. I lost my husband and best friend suddenly one day and 2 days later I lost my Mom. I am just floating in space with no anchor left to this place.

  • Maurice Amendolagine On

    Happy Birthday Manny! (from Maurice). Zach, Colleen and I were thinking and talking about you last night and today (New Years Day). Talked about ripping down your New Years Eve decorations after returning from New Years Eve parties. We miss you!

  • Alex Kolstad On

    Merry christmas little girl. Hope you are bounding through endless tracks and smells. I miss you I love you I wish you nothing but joy.


Shared Thoughts

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