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  • Lisa McKnight On

    I love you daddy. Your baby girl misses you. I havent wanted to believe you really was gone till I saw this. Now I know its real and you really are gone. Dad please forgive me, I apologize for all that I did. I love you.

  • Regina Mancini On

    God, how life has changed since you left us. I miss you so much mom. Please come back. I want to see you face and hear you laugh. I miss you so much. Please kiss Mario and Mia for me. I can't believe you are all gone. It sucks so bad mom. I miss you!! I love you so much!!

  • June Olivas On

    Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter, in heaven we love and miss you so much ever day Forever young, our baby girl❤️❤️❤️

  • Kristen Knoop On

    Margaret, I'm so shocked and saddened to learn about Donna. Sending warm thoughts and comforting hugs your way.

  • Fran Solomon On

    I can't believe how I still swell with tears in my eyes when I think of you.


Shared Thoughts

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