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My Life’s Legacy

My Life’s Legacy

How Can I Create My Life’s Legacy?

Life's LegacyA life’s legacy is a life’s story created about one’s self, by one’s self. It’s more than just dates and specific accomplishments. It’s also about memories and experiences we hold so deeply, yet often don’t share. has formed an alliance with the Americans All Social Legacy Network to offer our users the means and opportunity to create and share their own life’s legacy and story, written in the first person, with family and friends. Legacy stories lend current and future generations knowledge, insight and inspiration.

Everybody has a life’s legacy and life’s story worth telling, and Americans All will help you create and share yours when you join. Your comprehensive legacy story—written from your own perspective—will be published and live forever on their Web-based Heritage Honor Roll and can:

    • Include up to 2,000 words of text, with up to 1,000 which can be password protected
    • Include hyperlinks to text or documents on the Web, home movies, audio and video recordings, and other legacy stories on the Heritage Honor Roll
    • Include a color portrait photograph and a color photograph montage
    • Include up to 5 logos significant to you
    • Be republished in multiple languages
    • Be updated at any time
    • Be easily shared using their event, anniversary and memorial announcement too!
    • Be hosted on designated home pages of schools, businesses and service providers important to you, for more exposure
    • Be easily accessed through major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo


In addition, your story can be shortened and recreated—in multiple languages if you desire—and be printed in an 8½” x 11″ format for you to share.

Legacy preservation is important because, as author/historian David McCullough reminds us, “history is the story of people.” Reinforcing this connection is another goal of theirs. Their foundation invests 75 percent of network membership revenue to strengthen social studies education and prepare students to participate in our nation’s democracy, economy and workforce. As a Social Legacy Network member you and your family can electronically access the information they compile for schools.

Don’t wait for others to write your life’s story and life’s legacy. Our alliance with Americans All Social Legacy Network  allows you to take control and write your own!


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