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Sarah Corbett Lynch

Sarah Corbett Lynch

In this episode, Sarah shares her story about her journey with grief and how she hopes her books inspire and help others to find hope and happiness again, as she did.

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Sarah is a young teenager passionate about life and expresses this through a myriad of artistic and altruistic endeavors. She is a children’s book author, aspiring TV presenter, and Actress. Young Author, Sarah Corbett Lynch has written a collection of self-affirming stories exploring loss, grief, moving home, and blended families through her characters amidst complex challenges faced by someone so young. Sarah hopes that despite great suffering, she can help educate and create a conversation to talk openly about grief and the challenges we face and prepare us as individuals for the inevitable challenging experience in life that comes to us all.

Having lived in North Carolina for four years, she currently resides in Limerick, Ireland, with her Aunt and Uncle and 3 Brothers.”

You can learn more about Sarah, her book, and her music at Sarah Corbett Lynch

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