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Paul Malley

Paul Malley

In this episode, Paul helps demystify advanced care planning while talking about the numerous benefits it may provide for individuals and families. He also discusses why he connects deeply to the mission of Aging with Dignity.

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Paul is the President of Aging with Dignity. My mother often told me that I grew up in nursing homes and hospitals. It’s true. My experience with my grandparents is what initially drew me to the mission of Aging with Dignity more than 17 years ago. I saw both the challenges and the joys – how easy it can be for elders to become lost in the shuffle and how meaningful it is when their dignity is acknowledged by something as simple as holding a hand. I remain committed to the work of Aging with Dignity because it addresses what is likely the biggest challenge of our generation. I believe sincerely that every one of us wants to care well for those we love. That desire may face headwinds in the future. The next few decades will see a rapidly aging population and fewer resources to care for them. Through our work at Aging with Dignity, our team can provide the information, resources, and advocacy to help make dignified care a reality for all.

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