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Kate Longly

Kate Longly

In this episode, Kate gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to be a photographer capturing the powerful memories of a family during one’s end of life. Memories are not just about capturing the happy moments but taking time to capture a moment in time and a way of life.

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Kate is the Owner of Eloise & Peas Photography based in Madison, WI. She specializes in family photography ranging from maternity to senior sessions. As a natural light photographer she utilizes the outdoors and her home studio in her backyard. The goal is for all clients to have a stress free session.That starts with having a client wardrobe at their disposal and the help from Kate to coordinate their clothes. When working with clients, fun is standard. That means bringing fart gun for kids, making my signature duck noise, rolling around with the kids, and just plain playing with them. From there the focus is on connections and emotions. The work of Eloise & Peas is to highlight the connections between family members, the little smirk a child always has, or the random thing they do to find comfort. There is no perfect pose. Eloise & Peas strives to not only capture your family images, but serve you in creating those memories where you can look back and say “Remember when you always used to do _______-?”

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