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Grief Awareness Day Sponsor

Grief Awareness Day Sponsor

Giving Voice To A Silent Epidemic GRIEF !

Grief Does Not Have To Be A Lonely Journey

We are doing something important and
we´d love for YOU to be a part of this
Community Event!

This year´s event theme:

Honoring those who have shaped our lives

In partnership with our local Actively Moving Forward (AMF) campus charpter and comunity leaders like YOU, we will present a day of honor and memory. The event will be filled with memories as:

Students put names in memory box; Names of those we honor are read out loud; Chalkboards are filled with memories of those we remember.

Where: On Your Local Community Campus
When: Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Time: 10a – 3p

The goal is to gather as young adults,professionals, and community members to raise awareness about the prevalence and impact of coping whith the illnes or death of loved one during young adulthood.

Help us continue to break the silence and give a voiceto grieving young adults around the nation!

We value the fact that everyone’s gref hols a different and unique journey, but take comfort in knouwing that we don’t have to explore it alone because in the grand scheme of things, we are all in this together.

beacuse the journey is better when we realize

The Issues

22% to 30% of college students (approximately 6 million) has experienced the death of a family member or close friend within the last year (1) But, no one talks about it, so many feel alone. A “ silent epidemic”,(2) Actively Moving Forward (AMF), a HealGrief program’s prevalence rises to the shocking statistic that 1 in 3 students are coping whit the death or terminal iliness and of a loved one

Bereaved students are at risk of social withdrawal, developmental problems, mental illiness, and decreased academic perfomance (3) These students need opportunities to connect with their peers ,support one another, and channel their grief towards positive outlets, such as community service.

(1) Balk, Walker, &Baker, 2010 (2) Neimeyer, 2006 (3) Servaty Seib, 2006

Actively Moving Forward (AMF) has been helping students create chapters of AMF on college campuses for over a decade.

These chapters have been important ways in wich students connect with others , find a safe place to share their experiences , and grow through their grief journey whith people they know support and empower them along the way.

Actively Moving Forward (AMF), a HealGrief program is a tax-exempt, no-profit corporation under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3. Our tax ID# is 95-4489570. Actively Moving Forward empowers grieving college students and young adults to keep “Actively Moving Forward” in their journey with grief by connecting them to peer support and community service which they do in memory of their loved one. AMF has served thousands of young adults coast-to-coast over the years.

Join us in making a difference in your community!

As a sponsor of National Young Adult Grief Awareness Day, you recognize the importance of helping grieving young adults at this crucial stage of their life as well as gain social responsibility and good willfor your company whit branding exposure. Together , we can make sure they have the support they need to realize their potential and rise to become the world's next leaders.


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