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Our Services is a 501(c)3 web-based organization, serving bereaved individuals with a virtual platform designed to aid and transition one’s grief into healthy post-bereavement growth. has been successful because of its commitment to create a complete virtual location and is the only website offering the breadth, scope and information within one virtual environment.

  • Provides grief coaching.
  • Offers virtual support groups.
  • Provides communities for its members to connect, be heard, and feel understood.
  • Allows users to light virtual candles.
  • Provides both local and national grief resources.
  • Educates about grief and its journey.
  • Offers guidance on how to support the bereaved.
  • Brings conversation and attention to an inevitable life cycle, death.
  • Provides both traditional and non-traditional ideas on how to memorialize a loved one.
  • Offers information about the role of funeral homes.
  • Provides an understanding to funeral practices for various cultures and religious groups.

HealGrief is dedicated to supporting bereaved individuals by offering a virtual location, where family and friends from around the world can communicate a death, connect, and mourn. As one begins their journey with grief, provides the platform to ultimately transition a loved one’s death into a celebration a loved one’s life. creates a universal understanding of grief and believes grief is a journey. also believes, with proper guidance, information and resources, there is such a thing as a healthy grief recovery. By increasing global awareness and education, removes the misguided notion that grief is something to get over and emphasis that grief is a personal journey that lasts a lifetime.

We do so with ethics and integrity, compassion and understanding, and education and awareness. It is here that one can start their journey with grief. 

All of the functionality, information and resources provides are completely free-of-charge. Year after year, users are coming back to light virtual candles in memory of their person.

When you celebrate of a life, you ultimately transition grief into healthy post-bereavement growth.

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