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Transitions are hard for almost everyone. Yet, when you are grieving a death loss, changes, seasonal or otherwise, can take every bit of your emotional energy. One of the most challenging transitions for many is the transition from Summer to Fall.

In Summer, our community of members tells us that they are outdoors and more active, so staying busy is easier. However, as colder weather comes with the Fall season, they say they tend to slow down a bit.

Why Does the Transition Into Autumn Lead to Waves of Grief?

As we watch beautiful flowers wither and vibrant leaves dry, the transition from Summer into Fall can produce unexpected grief. Watching seasonal movies, listening to a favorite song, the smells of familiar aromas, and the taste of holiday flavors are bound to bring up both loving and painful memories. A minor thing that you wouldn’t have even thought to be a trigger may provoke feelings of longing, sadness, and the pain of mourning.

The Fall also ushers in the season of traditions and togetherness and the beginning of the holiday season.

The season often brings loved ones together for the harvest, hayrides, and holiday celebrations filled with the smells and tastes of hot apple cider and pumpkin bread. So, it is understandable that everyday experiences might become triggers. 

How To Prepare for Grief in the Fall

The season can be memorable and bittersweet and may remind you of the need for healthy bereavement care. 

While life thrives within every tree trunk and grass blade, Autumn sparks the beginning of a year’s end. Yet, Fall can also be a reminder to nurture ourselves from within. Although we might feel like the leaves falling from trees, taking the time to turn inward allows us to feel, remember and even heal. It’s healthy to admit we are not always okay, and owning this truth could even open the door to feeling gratitude and happiness, even amid grief. Thus, life can begin anew. 

If you or a loved one is experiencing waves of positive and negative emotion with the changing seasons, here are some ideas shared by friends in our AMF App Community on how they prepare for seasonal transitions:

  • Create a haven for security: For some, this may be spending time and sharing with someone going through the same struggle. For others, it might be a place for a quiet getaway.

  • Healthy eating: Eat foods that increase serotonin levels. Foods such as eggs, cheese, pineapples, tofu, and salmon, to name a few, can help raise levels and may affect mood and behavior.

  • Let others know what you need: Well-intended friends and family are often left guessing what they believe you need. Set them up for success by telling them; this way, they can support you in a way that suits you best.

There is no set schedule for your grief journey. However, members tell us that connecting with people who get it eases the struggle of grieving. If you need to connect, be heard, and feel understood, you can count on HealGrief’s Actively Moving Forward App. Connect to a community and a HealGrief Coach via the AMF App for understanding today!

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