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One in four women has lost a child to stillbirth, miscarriage, SIDS, and other causes during pregnancy and infancy. HealGrief offers a community of people who understand a safe space for post-bereavement care through the AMF App.


Losing a child is often described as the most significant fear realized. The loss of a child is devastating, and the fact that we must carry on in life is unimaginable. It’s even more difficult when there are other children in the family. When this is the case, the grieving mother and father need to put their grief and need for support second to their children’s needs.



“When I lost my daughter, the one I had waited for, for so long, life left from my breath. It was as though I merely existed. I’d send my boys to school, sit at my window, and be mad that the sun was still rising, that life was still going on even though mine felt like it was over. During those long sleepless nights, I’d spend endless hours seeking answers when I discovered the AMF App. There I began virtual support groups with other mothers who had lost a baby too. Then, finally, I didn’t feel alone.”


Only when we allow ourselves to experience the grief and honor our feelings can we become free to live again – free from the enormous weight of guilt and regret.


Please don’t suffer in silence or alone. One and four women have experienced the same thing. And we know that we are not to blame. The loss of an infant or child, no matter how far along they are in their little life, is no one’s fault. Yet, healthy post-bereavement care is our responsibility and our right to live full of love and life again.


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